Frequently asked questions

1Where are Barteni Turntables produced?
From design, engineering to manufacturing, all is made in our factory in Rijeka, Croatia, EU.
2When can I expect delivery of my order?
Orders are usually shipped within 4 weeks. Some additional options may take a little more time
3Does the Barteni Parking Systems ship to countries outside EU?
We usually ship to countries within the European Union, but for special requests, we are always happy to discuss any project in countries outside the EU.
4Is it possible to assemble the car turntable as a customer?
Of course. You can choose the option of assembling the car turntable by our professional team at the installation site as well as the possibility of self-assembly.
5Can Barteni car turntables can be installed on a slopy driveway?
Yes, our regular turntables can be installed on a driveway with maximum slope of 3,5 degrees. In case of an incline greater than 3.5°, an additional motor is required.
6Are groundworks required before the platform is installed?
In some cases, yes, in some not. For built-in car turntables (F450 Built-in, F450 Aluminium) groundworks should be done before the installation and they are listed and described in the ''Groundworks'' document. For other car turntables (N450 Above ground and S510 Showroom), groundworks are not needed, they can be installed on your existing solid surface.
7How about warranty?

Barteni car turntables are engineered to last, so we offer up to 5 years warranty depending on installation:

  • Installed by Barteni Parking Systems: 5 years warranty for private users, 3 years warranty for commercial users
  • Installed by customer: 1 year warranty
8Why should I get car turntable?
If you want to make an upgrade of your home to make life easier and increase the value of your property by giving you additional space and functionality car turntable is perfect solution. It can help provide room and money for other needs, great way to make your yard attractive and the most important thing is to have safe exit onto the street road.